Welcome to Usa Water Polo Club !

Water Polo comes amongst the toughest games which demand stressful physical movement. As water polo is a swimming sport so you need to be physically strong and extra active. If you are not physically strong, the game is not your cup of tea then. The sport also demands you to have a high cardiovascular stamina. You are required to practice a lot to get at the high level of fitness which is the ultimate requirement of Water Polo. In order to reach the level of the required fitness, you need to raise your stamina by spending specific hours in the pool regularly.

This practice will make your physically strong and fit to move ahead. Striding in the water without using your hands is a technique in water polo that one can learn with constant practice in the pool. The average match of Water Polo demands swimming from four to five kilometers without using your hands. This is what international athletes are required to practice in order to become a professional water polo competitor.

They are demanded to shoot and pass through the water without committing any mistake even if they are physically worn out. The sport exhausts the athletes so much that in an Olympic tournament, the water polo participators lose five to ten pounds weight due to the extreme body involvement in the sport. Water Polo was introduced in Britain in the end of 19th century.

In the very first Olympic tournament of water polo, Britain got the honor to become the winner by defeating Belgium with 7-2. The semi-final match between Hungry and the Soviet Union was the most memorable match that was held in 1956. Water Polo is an ideal game for the people who are fond of active and dynamic sports and who really want to keep themselves physically fit and strong.

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