Water Polo Resources

brescia-waterpolo-300x200Water polo is considered to be a famous sporting activity when it comes to discuss about the swimming sports. The game is basically consists of six-player teams and a ball. The game demands extreme energy from the players with high level of physical fitness. Well if you are really fond of this energetic water sport then you must be looking for a platform that provides you with all the possible information and access to this amazing sport.

Whether you are looking for some good coaching regarding water polo or you want to stay updated about the major events of water polo, all is available for you on a single platform with much more other resources. If you want to understand the game completely you can read the information regarding its basic rules and strategies. This will help you in understanding the game proficiently. The standard course for the field of play is 30m x 20m and 25m x 20m respectively for men and women. You can also search for the online clips of water polo matches to get a better understanding about the game. The national team training videos are also available on internet to make it simpler for you.

Learn about the best coaches around the world who are passionately involved in their job to train the players and make them perfect in water polo. Monte Nitzkowski is the coach of Olympic water polo tournaments for last five years who has trained the players at each and every level. Whether it’s about their mental preparation, physical fitness and stamina or the tactics and strategies, the man has trained his players from each and every aspect.

Learn about the best team of water polo around the world and get a list of latest FINA and Olympic champion in the world of water polo. The rule book of FINA and NCAA can be viewed online to detailed information about the events and their policies.

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