Water Polo is basically a team sport that acquires swimming skills as well as a high stamina. Both offense and defense must be played by the team while striding through the pool without using hands and reaching back to the opponents’ possession. What makes the sport different form other swimming sports is the front crawl stroke that is only used in water polo. In front crawl the players are supposed to swim in the water with the head out of it in order to monitor the play constantly.

The arm stroke is used only for a shorter period of time and the main function of arm stroke in water polo is to protect the ball. If you are at the defending position you will be required to go for back stroke in order to keep an eye on the advancing opponents. This stroke is also used by the goalie in order to follow the ball after passing. The backstroke played in water polo is totally different from the regular swimming backstrokes. In water polo the backstroke involves sitting up a bit in the water while using eggbeater leg with short arm stroke. Always bear in mind that the backstroke in water polo doesn’t involve any long arm stroke.

Water polo is played in three clocks including the match clock, the shot clock and the exclusion clock. The time period of match clock is 8 minutes for each period. The shot clock gives 30 seconds of possession on each attack before the play is inverted. The exclusion clock is the period when the participator is sin binned for 30 seconds. Another rule you should keep in your mind is it is strictly forbidden for all the players in the field to touch the ball with both hands, you are suppose to touch the ball with one hand at a time.