Water Polo Teams and Clubs

When it comes to discuss the famous clubs and teams of water polo, the names of Serbia men’s national water polo team and Russia men’s national water polo team appear at the top. Hungary men’s national polo team is also considered to be the best national water polo team of the history. If we look at the current scenario in the world of water polo, the existing men’s champion in water polo is Serbia. Serbia is honored to defeat Spain in 2009. If we look at the overall achievements of the water polo teams, Hungary is the one who managed to win 9 out of 25 gold medals. This is really a great achievement. The team has the outstanding credit of winning gold medals for three consecutive years.


There are so many water polo clubs across the world with amazing features and a wide range of additional services. UCC swimming and water polo club is one of them. The club was established in 1921 in Ireland and it trains its members both for swimming and water polo. Both men and women get themselves professionally trained in water polo from this club and they also get the chance to compete in national leagues. Only the students of UCC can join this club.


Worthing swimming club is another renowned club that was established in 1890. The club was established to make its members able to achieve the highest possible rank in swimming and water polo. The club provides its members all the necessary training and education regarding water polo with a wide range of facilities and benefits. This is how you get an opportunity to compete in the world of water polo after becoming a professional athlete in this field. The other famous club is the Stanford water polo club which was exclusively formed to produce water polo professional athletes and for that purpose the club has designed special programs and practices.